Fireplace & Bathroom List

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A breakdown of fireplaces and bathrooms throughout the estate


1/2 Baths - 10
green bathroom off living room
service bathroom off laundry
above den, near office access door
upstairs media room near wet bar
Jack’s study
outside under house storage room
Shower stall  - 3
ocean view room
flower bedroom
Bathtub with shower overhead - 2
Chinese bedroom
peach suite (with jets)
Dedicated shower stall - 4
Blue bedroom bath
Jack’s bathroom
green room
Bathtub stand alone - 3
Blue bedroom bath
Jack’s bathroom
green room bath

Toilets - 18
cottage 2
penthouse 2
office 1
under house storage room 1
service bath off laundry 1
green bath off living room 1
blue bedroom 1
Jack’s bathroom 1
peach suite 1
Lyceum 1
Chinese bedroom 1
media room 1
ocean view suite 1
green room 1
flower room 1
Jack’s study 1
Total Bathrooms - 18
Fireplaces - 8
living room
kitchen eating area
dining room
terrace room off den
office off blue bedroom
blue bedroom
peach suite
ocean view bedroom